Rutgers Immigrant Infrastructure Maps [RIIM]

New Report:

“Meet the Neighbors: Organizational and Spatial Dynamics of Immigrant New Jersey”

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Rutgers Immigrant Infrastructure Maps [RIIM], a multi-stage, interdisciplinary research project, uses maps to lay out the geography of immigrant New Jersey. A team based at Rutgers has built an inventory of the important organizations that immigrants have created all across the Garden State. A variety of organizations are included in the inventory.

For example:

  • a Dominican political association running candidates for a local election;
  • a Haitian social service agency gathering hurricane relief for shipment back to that country;
  • a Korean chamber of commerce hosting banquets for local merchants;
  • a Latino civic group offering citizenship classes.

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RIIM collects data about the role of community based organizations to help us understand what is known about the role of the sector in the process of immigrant integration.

Everyday, community-based organizations (CBOs) help individuals build stability, create economic pathways and, more generally, set the terms of their own existence in the United States.

Policy makers, researchers, elected officials, advocates, funders and immigrants themselves have all used RIIM data.