Facts About Immigrant NJ

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Immigration to New Jersey is distinct:

NJ Diversity

  • More than any other state, New Jersey has constant history of attracting foreign-born arrivals.
  • Ever since Scandanavians set up camp next to the Lenape Indians in colonial days, individuals and families have arrived in New Jersey from foreign countries.
  • On average, immigrants to New Jersey tend to be more highly educated than those living elsewhere.
  • Data from the National Science Foundation show that almost half (48 percent) of state residents with master’s degrees and 41 percent of those with doctorates in scientific fields are immigrants.
  • Only employers in CA and NY file for more high-skilled H1-B visas than those in NJ.
  • Unrivaled diversity marks New Jersey’s foreign-born population.

Today, the state’s largest foreign-born populations come from:

  • India at 10%
  • Mexico at 6.7%
  • The Philippines at 4.9%

Half of all of New Jersey’s immigrants are naturalized citizens. Of the remainder, the majority are legal permanent residents (LPRs).


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