Crossroads of the World: New Americans in Middlesex County, NJ


Thanks to its immigrants, New Jersey’s population — and Middlesex County’s within it — is large, growing and extraordinarily diverse.
Nested within the US, where 1 in 7 newcomers make their homes, and within NJ, where 1 in 5 residents emigrated from other nations, 1 in 3 Middlesex County residents is an immigrant.
At this scale, immigration offers great opportunities and poses critical challenges. How we meet these challenges has dramatic implications for our shared future…
All New Jersey residents pay taxes: property tax, sometimes as a portion of rent; sales tax on everyday purchases, as well as other federal, state and local taxes. These contributions will be critical to programs such as Social Security over the coming decades. Economists estimate that NJ alone receives $450 million in tax revenues from undocumented immigrants.

“Bad Apple” Employers Threaten All Workers

Spotty enforcement of existing labor laws allow exploitative employers to skirt minimum wage and overtime requirements. This hurts native and immigrant workers alike…

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