As scholars, teachers and practitioners, our work engages with and adds to the development of new knowledge about immigrant America.

The Eagleton Program on Immigration and Democracy offers competitive interdisciplinary academic programs that connect Rutgers Undergraduate and Graduate students to the practice of politics through the lens of immigration and democracy. Various programs are offered throughout the year so be sure to check back for updates.


Undergraduate and graduate students may contact EPID for information regarding internships. Send resume and cover letter, including area(s) of interest, to

EPID is currently accepting applications for internships.
Areas of focus for Spring 2012 include best practices and resources related to:

Health and well-being: Due to genetics, economics, culture or geography, various immigrant groups confront unique health challenges. What approaches work best in different settings? Who is providing these services to immigrants in NJ?

Public safety: Populations from distinct cultural or language backgrounds present puzzles for police and emergency service workers. What innovations exist? What are some successful examples of culturally sensitive policing and emergency response?

Employment and Entrepreneurship: Foreign-born professionals and the unskilled contribute to the  economy in different ways. We seek a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for workers and employers. What are the important spokes on this wheel?

Education:  Some schools manage the challenges that face immigrant children, the children of immigrants, and their teachers more successfully than others. What can we learn from these different approaches?

Civil rights and detention: Detention and deportation are at an all-time high. Many immigrants describe feeling under seige. How does the tension between the integrity of our borders and respect for human rights play out?

To become involved in research on these issues, send resume and cover letter, noting areas of interest, to Randi Chmielewski at


At various points in the year, a limited number of EPID fellowships may be available. If interested, send resume and cover letter to