Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Ulla Berg

Dr. Ulla Berg is an anthropologist who has conducted qualitative research on Peruvian immigrants to Paterson, with particular emphasis on the maintenance of transnational ties, through hometown associations and other mediating organizations. Dr. Berg has already helped shape the project’s outlines.

Dr. James DeFillippis

Dr. James DeFilippis has a background in urban planning, but has written extensively about community development and housing issues. For the purposes of RIIM, DeFilippis’ most relevant work involves the impact on community-based organizations that has resulted from the devolution of the welfare state over the past decade and a half.

Dr. Kathe Newman

Dr. Kathe Newman, with her ground-breaking work on the foreclosure crisis, in particular its impact on communities of color in and around Newark, comes to RIIM with expertise as a researcher and extensive ties with CBOs around the state. As an urban planner, she also offers expertise about the geography of immigrant communities.

Dr. Robyn Rodriguez

Dr. Robyn M. Rodriguez is a sociologist who has worked on transnational labor and migration patterns, especially regarding Filipinas in the United States. Rodriguez’s research interests and professional contacts both offer distinct advantages to the project.

Dr. David Tulloch

Dr. David Tulloch brings expertise from both landscape architecture and geographic information systems. He brings his geospatial perspective and visual orientation to help study and communicate the ways social and geographic realities intersect throughout the project. This perspective makes him a critical player to the design and execution of RIIM both at the mapping stage and beyond. Learn more about him

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