Dr. Christine Thurlow Brenner | Faculty Affiliate

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Christine Brenner

Dr. Christine Thurlow Brenner is associate professor in the Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She has focused her research on immigrant integration, public policy issues affecting people living in the U.S.-Mexico border region, and the impact of Latino immigration into new destinations in the United States.

Digame! Policy and Politics on the Texas Border, a volume she edited, elaborates on the social and economic issues surrounding life in the borderlands. Her current research includes a study of local government responsiveness to immigration and the changing national demographics in the new Latino destinations. She was academic advisor to NJ Governor Corzine’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Immigrant Integration and is currently a Commissioner on the NJ Commission on New Americans. Dr. Brenner also serves on the Migration Policy Institute’s advisory board for the selection of the E Pluribus Unum prizes, which honor outstanding immigrant integration efforts in the United States.