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A website designed to help immigrants navigate the process of naturalization including determining eligibility, understanding what is involved in the naturalization process, and preparing for the various naturalization tests.


CitizenshipWorks Text Messaging Campaign Provides Local Information about Naturalization Assistance

March 7, 2012

CitizenshipWorks, an online resource committed to increasing naturalization rates among eligible immigrants, recently announced the launch of its nationwide text messaging campaign, which sends immigrants information about United States citizenship and helps them to access free or low-cost legal help in their area.

Users can text “citizenship” (“ciudadania” in Spanish) to 877877 and receive the location and contact information of nearby legal services providers as well as information about naturalization and alerts about upcoming naturalization workshops and events in their community. Available in English and Spanish, the campaign addresses the unmet need for information about becoming a U.S. citizen and directs users to local organizations providing naturalization assistance.

For more information, you can download the Press Release here: