Vanessa Matthews | Citizenship Rutgers Associate

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Vanessa Matthews is a proud Rutgers University alum, having attained both her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Spanish and her Masters of Public Policy as a Scarlet Knight. She is a former Eagleton Fellow and is a volunteer contributor to its Program on Immigration and Democracy. A New Jersey native, Vanessa is a first-generation Dominican-American and currently works in public affairs for a technology company in Kearny, NJ.


Yan Li | Web Designer

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Yan Li is the Web Designer of the EPID site. She is currently an undergraduate student at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, with an Information Technology and Informatics (ITI) major and a Japanese minor. She likes design, creativity, and technology, and is hoping to do future work in UI design, UX design, graphic design, and web design, particularly for nonprofit organizations.

Her web site is located here.

Ryan Stark Lilienthal | Fellow

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Ryan Stark Lilienthal practices immigration law in Princeton, New Jersey. He received his B.A. in Religion from Tufts University and J.D. from Brooklyn Law School, where he was a member of the Brooklyn Law Review. Mr. Lilienthal currently chairs the Immigration and Employment Task Force of Einstein’s Alley; and is on the board of the New Jersey Immigration Policy Network (NJIPN) and advisory board of the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund (LALDEF). He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and serves as the New Jersey chapter’s Legislative Liaison. In addition, Mr. Lilienthal is on the board the American Jewish Committee’s Central New Jersey chapter; and hosts In the Public Interest, a live radio program on WIMG 1300AM. Mr. Lilienthal is Co-Chair of Princeton Future; a member of the Joint Consolidation/Shared Services Commission for Princeton Borough and Township; a member of the Princeton Borough Zoning Board of Adjustment; and a former councilman of Princeton Borough.

Dr. Anastasia Mann | Director

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Dr. Anastasia Mann

Mann is Assistant Research Professor and Director of the Program on Immigration and Democracy at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University.She earned her Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 20th-century U.S. history with a focus on social welfare policy. Before coming to Eagleton, Mann held the position of policy analyst at New Jersey Policy Perspective, the New Jersey affiliate of the D.C.-based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities where she worked extensively on ensuring access to higher education. Her 2009 report, Garden State Dreams built a case for offering in-state tuition to undocumented immigrant students in New Jersey.

At the Program on Immigration and Democracy, Mann directs Rutgers Immigrant Infrastructure Map (RIIM), a statewide survey of community-based organizations, an initiative supported by the Academic Excellence Award from Rutgers, The Fund for New Jersey, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. In 2011, working with colleagues across three campuses and at the City University of New York, Mann spearheaded Citizenship Rutgers, a project that leverages the resources of the state’s flagship university to offer citizenship application assistance to the Rutgers community and the general public.

Mann has presented her research at Leadership New Jersey, The United Way, Princeton University, Rutgers University, the American Jewish Committee, the NJ Immigration Policy Network, the Association of Lifelong Learners, the YWCA, the New Jersey State Legislature and the National Conference on Immigrant Integration. Named to the first-ever New Jersey Commission on New Americans in 2010, Mann chairs the Human Services Commission in Princeton.

Dr. Janice Fine | Senior Research Fellow

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Dr. Janice Fine

Janice is Faculty Director of the Program on Immigration and Democracy, and is the assistant professor of labor studies and employment relations at the School of Management and Labor Relations.

Janice is also senior fellow for organizing and policy at the Center for Community Change (CCC). A 20-year veteran of the labor and community organizing movements, she focuses her attention on the plight of low-wage immigrant workers. Her book Worker Centers: Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream was released in January of 2006 by Cornell University Press and the Economic Policy Institute. Her most recent project, featured in major media around the country, is a social venture with CCC and eight worker centers around the country to provide affordable and reliable financial services for low wage immigrant workers. In September of 2007, Fine was appointed by Governor Corzine to New Jersey’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Immigrant Integration.


Dr. Mara Sidney | Faculty Affiliate

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Mara Sidney

Dr. Mara Sidney is a seasoned political scientist who brings years of research experience in New Jersey, particularly in Newark where she teaches. RIIM will have benefit from her contacts at the grassroots level as well as her insights into the policy contexts within which immigrant organizations operate.

Dr. Christine Thurlow Brenner | Faculty Affiliate

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Christine Brenner

Dr. Christine Thurlow Brenner is associate professor in the Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She has focused her research on immigrant integration, public policy issues affecting people living in the U.S.-Mexico border region, and the impact of Latino immigration into new destinations in the United States.

Digame! Policy and Politics on the Texas Border, a volume she edited, elaborates on the social and economic issues surrounding life in the borderlands. Her current research includes a study of local government responsiveness to immigration and the changing national demographics in the new Latino destinations. She was academic advisor to NJ Governor Corzine’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Immigrant Integration and is currently a Commissioner on the NJ Commission on New Americans. Dr. Brenner also serves on the Migration Policy Institute’s advisory board for the selection of the E Pluribus Unum prizes, which honor outstanding immigrant integration efforts in the United States.


Dr. David Tulloch | Faculty Affiliate

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David Tulloch

Dr. David Tulloch brings expertise from both landscape architecture and geographic information systems. He brings his geospatial perspective and visual orientation to help study and communicate the ways social and geographic realities intersect throughout the project. This perspective makes him a critical player to the design and execution of RIIM both at the mapping stage and beyond.

Learn more about him at his website or his blog.

Dr. Ulla Berg | Faculty Affiliate

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Dr. Ulla Berg

Dr. Ulla Berg is an anthropologist who has conducted qualitative research on Peruvian immigrants to Paterson, with particular emphasis on the maintenance of transnational ties, through hometown associations and other mediating organizations. Dr. Berg has already helped shape the project’s outlines.