Mahesh Lakshminarayanan | Researcher

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Mahesh Lakshminarayanan

Mahesh Lakshminarayanan is an Urban & Regional Planner with a leading planning & engineering consulting firm in India. He graduated with a Masters degree in Planning from Rutgers’ Edward J.Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, and worked for two years with the Middlesex County Planning Department and also on the Rutgers Immigrant Infrastructure Project with Eagleton before moving back to India in March 2011.

Mahesh’s areas of interest include infrastructure development and environmental planning. Before coming to Rutgers University, Mahesh worked briefly on mass transit and historic preservation projects in India. He also has a Bachelors degree in Urban Planning from Jawarharlal Nehru Technological University (India).

Ommead Iraninejad | Researcher

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Ommead Iraninejad

Ommead Iraninejad is a second-year masters student at Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations. Ommead’s interests include labor law, corporate leadership, performance appraisals, disabilities in the workplace, and organizational behavior. Ommead is the Senator for the School of Management and Labor Relations.

Presently, Ommead is employed at the National Labor Relations Board, as a Field Examiner. He is working for the General Council, under the supervision of the Regional Director of Region 2. Additionally, Ommead’s prospective plans include pursuing a PhD at Rutgers University.

Elisa N. Baeza | Researcher

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Elisa N. Baeza

Elisa Baeza is pursuing a Master of Public Policy at the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers. Her interests are in community development, more specifically in economic equity, affordable housing, and asset-development among urban low-to-moderate income families. She is a Graduate Fellow with the Rutgers Immigrant Infrastructure Map project.

Prior to Bloustein, Elisa worked as a direct service provider in the affordable homeownership and youth development fields where she served low-to-moderate income and immigrant populations in the Mission District and southeast sector of San Francisco, CA.

Brian Stromberg | Researcher

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Brian Stromberg is a second-year Phd student at the Bloustein School of Urban Planning and Public Policy as of Spring 2011. While his research focuses on affordable housing policy and housing finance, he is interested in all forms of social justice issues. Brian holds a Master’s Degree in Geography from Rutgers University. His thesis was on shared equity housing and its potential for creating fundamental changes in housing and property relationships. His dissertation research at the Bloustein School will build on this work, but with a focus on community land trusts and the implications of their increasing presence in affordable housing policies.